Organizations are increasingly relying on evidence for both internal and external stakeholders of competence, experience and ability to successfully manage BIM projects.

These stakeholders could range from internal technical managers to external contractors and consultants. A BIM qualification gives organizations the confidence that an individual or employee has attended relevant training and has been adequately assessed on their knowledge and understanding of BIM.

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The Singapore Institute of Building, together with our partners at the British Standards Institute (BSI), have launched the BSI-SIBL BIM qualification, a 2-level BIM qualification programme that recognises an individual’s BIM knowledge and understanding. The qualification is based on ISO19650, an international standard for managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset using building information modelling (BIM), and validated by experienced industry professionals at SIBL.

The BSI-SIBL BIM qualifications are an excellent way to provide organizations with a full learning pathway to help them respond to the rising position of BIM in industry, and helps individuals to gain recognition for the skills, knowledge, and experience.

For detailed information regarding the application process, have a look at this guidance document for delegates applying for the Certified BIM Professional programme.

Qualification Levels

Do you have the right skills within your organization to meet current or future BIM projects? As BIM becomes business as usual, how can you ensure the competency of your teams and consistency on BIM projects?

This BIM Qualification will give you a BSI Mark of Trust, reassuring your customers and suppliers that your skills have been validated. You can achieve Practitioner or Professional status by successfully completing courses and their exams.

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Being a practitioner demonstrates that you have a full understanding of why BIM and Information Management is important in the built environment. It means you have a thorough knowledge of Information Management and Collaborative working principles during Project Delivery or Asset Management. You’ll also have a detailed understanding of information exchange, data schema and quality.

Achieving the professional qualification means that you also have a full understanding of Information Security and associated governance. You’ll also be skilled in applying information management principles to improve health & safety.

The certified qualification formally recognises that a qualified BIM delegate has applied their learning in industry. By having your qualification certified, you’ll also demonstrate proven industry experience of applying information management and collaborative working principles in practice. It is valid for 3 years, at the end of which delegates can reapply.



Certified status is only available for delegates that hold a BSI BIM Professional qualification, or equivalent. Delegates cannot apply for certified status for a Practitioner level qualification. All delegates applying for certified status must also have at least three years’ relevant industry experience.

Application Form

Delegates need to complete this application form for certified status. The application form will collate the delegate’s experience in industry, skills and qualifications. Part of the application form will require the delegate to provide a personal statement. In this personal statement, the delegate will need to select specific examples and/or evidence from their experience in industry which respond to the competency topics that are presented in the application form. Completed forms should be signed and submitted to [email protected].

Approval Process for Certified Status

SIBL and BSI will review your application and decide whether to grant certified status based on information presented in the form, in particular your responses to the competency-based questions. Your response will be reviewed holistically taking in these factors: SIBL and BSI will review your application and decide whether to grant certified status based on information presented in the form, in particular your responses to the competency-based questions. Your response will be reviewed holistically taking in these factors:

  • Presentation of ideas and clarity of communication
  • Relevance of responses from a BIM perspective
  • Depth of knowledge and understanding of BIM
  • Suitability of examples used to support responses

In some cases, we may request you to submit further information to support your application. If it is in order, SIBL and BSI will award the Certified Professional certificate and you will receive a certificate confirming this. The certificate will display your information and validity period of certificate.

Application Fees

The application fee is $1500, which includes a 3-year membership with the Singapore Institute of Building. This fee is payable at the point of application submission.


Should you fail the application for Certified Status, you may opt to appeal your failed application. A different reviewer will be assigned to review your application, and may request for additional information to assess your case. If you fail the appeal, the status is considered final, and a set of generic guidance will be issued on the reasons for the status, as well as what you can do to improve the outcome of your future application. You should submit a fresh application addressing the guidance provided by the reviewer.


CPD and Annual Declaration

Once your certified status is issued, you are required to submit an annual declaration stating that you have completed 15 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes every year from the date when your certified status became active. A list of approved CPD courses in which SIBL issues CPD points for the training courses will be listed on the SIBL website. SIBL will issue 1 CPD point for each hour of learning. Please submit your CPD declaration using this CPD Declaration Form at the end of every year that your certified status became active.

Renewal of Certified Status

original application form and selecting to recertify. You should use the personal statement section to reflect on how you have developed your knowledge, understanding and skills in BIM during the preceding certified status period. It is important that renewal application must touch upon how the choice of CPD throughout the previous active certified status was made and how it contributed to the development of your knowledge and understanding of BIM.